Lake Champlain

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Of all the water we traveled on this cruise, which included the Erie, Cayuga-Seneca and Champlain Canals, we most enjoyed Lake Champlain.  The run from Lock 12 to Crown Point, where the lake opens  up is especially enchanting.

The trip up Otter Creek to Vergennes in Vermont should not be missed.  The waterfalls at Vergennes have been providing power in different forms since early colonial times.  I believe Vergennes is the oldest city in Vermont.

Water chestnuts choke the water along the shores to a depth of about 8 feet.  Notice the orange "water mower" below. 
Just before we got to the bridge at Crown Point, a plane flew beneath the high span.
We looked for a path up to Fort Ticonderoga.  The water weeds kept us from getting close to the shore.  We didn't find a way up.
Westport, NY
We picked up a mooring at Basin Harbor and visited the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum.
A few more miles north and Otter Creek heads to Vergennes.

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After the Rain
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