Oxford Area

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We had a smooth 14 knot ride out of Hunting Cr., up the Miles R. across
Eastern Bay, through Knapps Narrows and into the Choptank R.  Soon after
emerging from the Narrows, we saw a skipjack under sail.  After the Photo
Op, we enjoyed an Eastern Shore lunch at Harrison's on Tilghman's Island.

We anchored in Trippe Cr. for the

The next morning Wanderer cooked
pancakes and Halcyon bacon.  We
wanted to give  Pat and Patty, on Otter, a hearty send-off.

Another ride took us from Trippe Cr. to Cambridge for lunch.
It was quite warm and a swim was needed.  La Trappe Cr. has a long sand spit with deep water up to the edge.  Just what we needed.
A ride to the headwaters of the creek and an overnight anchorage completes the day.
Back to Oxford for lunch and a walk around town  
Breakfast in Le Gates Cove.  Wanderer heads home, Halcyon and Crescent Girl return to Langford Cr.  The cruise is over.