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Boats                Crew

Pelican,          Marge and Tom
Rana Verde,    Chris
Sea3PO,         Susan and Joel
Halcyon,         El and Bill
Freebyrd,        Pat, Mike and Brenda
Wanderer,       Penny and George

The gathering assembled at the Lone Branch Ramp in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee on Friday April 1.  After looking at the white caps on the water off the ramp and listening to the weather report, we followed Halcyon to a campground.  During the night, the front brought colder temperatures and stronger wind.

The wind kept us in camp on Saturday.  Well, except for shopping, eating out and the theater.  In the afternoon, we headed to Nashville, for a sit-down barbeque and the Grand Ole Opry.  Pat Byrd, the organizer, had made all arrangements including a first class coach to deliver us to its doorsteps.

Sunday was still chilly.  The wind was down and the sun was bright.  We launched and headed up river to Mama Byrd's home.  She offered warm "Southern hospitality", coffee and pastry.  Thus fortified, we motored upriver and back down for dinner at the Cherokee Resort Marina.  After dinner, we anchored in a nearby creek.

The next morning, April 4th, Marge and Tom hauled Pelican and headed for home in Paduka.  The rest of us headed for Cordell Lake on the upper Cumberland.

On April 9th, we return to Lone Branch.  Susan and Joel haul Sea3PO.  Susan heads home.  Joel and Sea3PO head south for warmer cruising.  Joel, I'm going to have to counsel you.

We enjoyed good company, quiet anchorages and spectacular scenery.

Pat, you did a great job putting this together.  Mike, thanks for the guided tour up the river.  Give Brenda and Mama Byrd a hug for us.

 Rana Verde, Halcyon and Wanderer turn down river. (Continued on Cumberland River section)

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