Cayo Costa

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SW Florida

It is warming up.  I can believe 80s today.  On the run up Pine Island Sound to Cayo Costa, we detoured to see the fishing houses ESE of Useppa.  As I stuck the camera out of the window to take the first picture above, an osprey dipped a fish out of the water close enough to splash the camera.  Sorry, no picture.  Our first night, we anchored in Pelican Bay inside the hook at the southern end of Punta Blanca.  This is a real hurricane hole.  We were treated to dolphins jumping out of the water – either chasing fish or exploding airborne for the sheer fun of it. 

The next morning, we secured to the docks on the other side of Pelican Bay and took the flatbed shuttle about a mile to the Gulf side of the island.  The campground had been denuded during the last hurricane – Wilma.  A white sandy beach curved off in the distance toward the Boca Grande Channel into Charlotte Harbor to the north and as far as you could see to the south. 

The entrance into Pelican Bay that faces Boca Grande is lined with white sandy beaches deep enough to put your bow to.  Quite a few boats were enjoying the warmth and the sand on the President’s Day weekend.  On our last evening in the bay, we turned a point and found Kant Miss at anchor - pleasant surprise.  We rafted and enjoyed a nice visit.