Ft. Myers Beach

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SW Florida

Frost glistened on the deck and the windows again this morning.  Protected from the wind and warmed by our “glass” enclosed cockpit we put our feet up on the cooler and enjoy a cup of coffee and wait for the bright sunshine to do its thing.  A data card in the computer allows us to get on the internet when we have solid cell phone coverage.  NOAA maintains a web site, with at least hourly updates, from data buoys.  The one off Naples Pier shows 12 knots out of the north – the direction we want to travel.

Our destination is Ft. Myers Beach.  We can do the whole 22 mile trip out in the Gulf or we can go inside at New Pass. After querying the dock master at the club, and a call to Sea Tow, for local information, we decide on New Pass which is under the lee of Estero Island.  We do the last 7 miles in the waterway. 

Salty Sam’s Marina manages the mooring field for Ft. Myers Beach.  We arrange for mooring 13 for a cost of $13.  Slips are not available, since they are undergoing major reconstruction.  Before going out to the mooring, we take a walk and end up in the Port Carlos Cove Mobile Home Park just across the street from Salty Sam’s.  The first home we see if for sale.  This would be a great location for accessing Pine Island Sound and its many attractions.  After seeing the lifts that would surely hold Wanderer out of the water and gazing down the tranquil canal, Penny and I begin discussing ownership.  Reality trumped realty and we headed back to the dock and on out to our mooring for the evening.