Little Shark River

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SW Florida

Wanderer departed Vaca Cut from Marathon in light air for East Cape Sable.  Arriving in time for lunch, we anchor just off the beach.  After lunch, I pump up the dingy and we paddle the 20 yards to shore.  The beach is delightful, the shelling good and the swimming refreshing.

The anchor comes up at 1500 and we continue north and feel our way into uncharted Lake Ingraham thinking to spend the night.  After a brief look, we decide to move on.  In a rising wind, we motor on to the Little Shark River.  Just inside the river, we spot a 22 CD Cruiser at anchor among four larger boats.  A swell is coming into the river and the boats are rolling at anchor.  We circle the C-Dory, Kant Miss and exchange introductions with Mel and Mary Lou.  We promise to look them up the next day and hurry up the river to a spot we know where the Wilderness Trail comes into the Little Shark River.