Wilderness Trail

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SW Florida

For the next two days, the wind blew 15-20 knots with higher gusts.  We spent the time exploring Oyster and Whitewater Bays along and near the Wilderness Trail.  We puttered along with dinghy and with Wanderer.  Without GPS this area would be a real challenge.  We anchored for hours and watched dolphins jump and osprey and pelicans dive.  Flocks of birds winged through the mangroves.  Some would land in the trees nearby.  Wildlife was on constant display. 

Daytime temperatures barely made 60 degrees and frost coated the deck one morning.  Because of the wind and the cool temperatures, we think February the best time to cruise this area. 

Mid afternoon we rafted with Kant Miss for a few hours to hear of their travels.  Mel and Mary Lou spent four months over the winter aboard the boat each of the last three years.  Mel mentioned that he was 82 years old.  Go Mel and Mary Lou.