Little Tennessee and Tellico Rivers

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Tennessee River
The mouth of the Little Tennessee River opens across the TN River from the Ft. Loudoun Marina.  We cruised these rivers to their headwaters.  Beautiful scenery, in front of a backdrop of the Smoky Mountains, dotted with interesting shore side stops, all cloaked in sparkling days added to the magic.

Sharing "sundowners" with El and Bill rafted along side Halcyon enhanced it all.

Bill, a geologist, describes the forces that produced these rock swirls.
Ft. Loudoun was built in 1756 to help Great Britain prevent the French from penetrating the Appalachian region during the French and Indian War.

In less than two years, the Cherokee Nation captured the fort.

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El and Penny return from a visit to the Sequoyah Birthplace Memorial and Museum seen behind them on the grassy hill.  Well worth a visit. 

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