Little Shark River

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The Southwest Coast of Florida lies across Florida Bay to the north of Marathon.  Points to the east of Cape Sable are too shallow for us to reach.  Just to the west of Cape Sable, the Little Shark River cuts up into the Everglades.  It provides the first possible anchorage some 50 nerve-racking miles from Marathon. 

The lack of water depth is the problem.  At both ends of the trip the chart shows depths of 7 and 8 feet.  Then, there is doubt about enough water to get into the river when you arrive.  Once in, you face swift currents and bugs in all anchorages.

So why go, you ask.  For the sights, of course.
We got in ok and the no-seeums and mosquitoes were not a problem except at dawn and dusk - nor, did we drag for the two nights we were anchored.  The river is beautiful and unique.

Penny watches the depthsounder as we take a dawn departure for Marco Island.