Tunnel of Love

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Beyond Cabbage Key lies Cayo Costa, an island reputed to have a very nice beach on the Gulf side.  The easiest way to reach this beach is through a near invisible trough, that penetrates the island through the mangroves, called the "Tunnel of Love".

After several false starts,  we find the tunnel.  Look closely at the first image and you will see the passage way just to the right of my "lovers" death grip on the paddle.

Under the guise of poling us along in the 10 inch deep but favorable current, she swats me along side the head pretending to get the paddle from one side of the boat to the other. I give her both paddles.

I am used to such abuse but it always happens when I am looking through the viewfinder of my camera.  I just will not put up with getting salt water on my camera, so I grab the paddles.

It must be noted that the puncture we got in our port tube was during Penny's time "controlling the boat".