Cumberland River

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Included here are a few images of the Cumberland R. above Mt. Juliet.  We had launched at Lone Branch for the Nashville Gathering.  After the Gathering,  Rana Verde, Halcyon and Wanderer head down the Cumberland and continue up the Tennessee River.
Through Old Hickory Lock and past Nashville
High bluffs to port loom over the entrance to the  Harpeth River. 
The engineers raise and lower the water level most days.  Consequently, there is usually a current to consider when anchoring.  Sometimes, the rising water floats a limb and passes it across your anchor rode.
The three boats are now in The Land Between the Lakes.  After our stay at Green Turtle Marina, we anchored in Willow Cr.  It is now 14 April.  Notice the light yellow-green of the emerging leaves.  This anchorage was my favorite one on the Cumberland.
On to the Tennessee River